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Group lessons:


I work with blocks. A block lasts 10 to 12 weeks. Missed lessons can be booked on another day. You have to keep track of this yourself.

 The lessons last a 55min. and the groups consist of min.5 and max 10 people.



Group lessons are not the ideal way to get to know Pilates if you have severe back or neck problems or other physical complaints.

A personal program and guidance are certainly necessary to give you a good training in a safe way where you will quickly achieve results.


If you are pregnant and you are not yet familiar with pilates, it is important to make a personal program together with the necessary adjustments and to see if you can enter a group lesson if no separate pregnancy group has started.


Private lessons:


During a private lesson we look at your body type and any complaints. We make a program that is especially made for your body type. Which muscles can we strengthen, where should we stretch more muscles. So that your body gets better in balance again.


A private lesson takes an hour. Combination: 1 hour of private lessons together with a 20 min. Introduction lesson. You only pay for the private lesson. Sometimes it can be nice to book 1 or 2 private lessons even if you come to the group lesson. Especially after an injury or rehabilitation, you sometimes need a bit more attention for certain exercises.

You can also book a duo private lesson, so with 2 people.


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