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Reformer classes.

What can you do on a Reformer?


The traditional Pilates method is a unique system of muscle strengthening and relaxing exercises. There are no less than 500 exercises: a part of ground exercises (on the mat) a part using specially designed equipment. Of all devices designed by Joseph Pilates, the 'reformer' has the most prominent place. Depending on the level of the participant, series exercises are performed on different levels (basic / intermediate / advanced). Each participant trains at his or her own level.

The reformer also requires constant attention during the execution of every movement. Each training is focused on a personal and balanced combination of control, precision, breathing and smooth movements. The possibilities are almost endless and the aim is to have the workout run in a 'flow'.

The reformer works on muscle endurance, strength and tone, improved flexibility and challenges coordination and control. The springs on the device provide support and resistance.

The training is adapted to the individual wishes of the participant and is extremely suitable for back / neck / shoulder complaints and reduced flexibility. The results achieved with this are impressive!


The reformer gives quick results. On the reformer anyone - young, old, fat, thin, fit or untrained, injured or recovering, can start with Pilates. The genius of this equipment is that you achieve results very quickly.

A 1-to-1 lesson on the reformer equals many group lessons on the mat. 1 on 1 lessons of 30 or 60 min.


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