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Why choose Stott Pilates®?


The Stott Pilates® method is a contemporary approach to the original movement method of Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1967). When you regularly follow Stott Pilates® you develop lean and stronger muscles, flexible joints, it improves your posture and prevents injuries.

You become more aware of your body so that you improve circulation, breathing, coordination and balance. A number of advantages of Stott Pilates®. Improves your posture. Increase the strength in your body, resulting in more stability and mobility in the joints. Create a strong 'core'. Helps prevent injuries. Balances strength and suppleness of the muscles. Increase the awareness of your own body.

Can be used for everyone from rehabilitation to top sport. Reduction of neck and back complaints. Improves balance, coordination and blood flow. Improvement of movement techniques and breathing. Accessible to everyone.

PSI is the only one in Zeeland, Flanders and Tanger that follows the Stott Pilates® method. Who is Josheph H. Pilates? Joseph Pilates, born in Germany, worked as a circus artist, bodybuilder, diver and boxer in England. During the 1st World War he was placed in the hospital and he worked with injured and sick soldiers on exercises that restored them. He used the bed frame and mattress coils to make appliances on which they could do exercises with resistance. After the 1st World War he developed the exercises and the equipment further. So this was the precursor of the Reformer that we now use. In 1926 he opened a studio in New York where mainly dancers and athletes trained. His wife was a dancer. And so Joseph was the founder of contemporary pilates.

This method is still developing and is being adapted to this time. But the basis always remains the same. Working from the 5 basic principles.

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